We are pleased to announce that the long awaited and much anticipated Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Project will officially commence on Friday, August 5, 2022. As previously communicated, C-Dock in the west basin will be the first phase of the waterside project which consists of 15 total phases. C-dock has been cleared of all vessels in anticipation of the August 5th start date with all vessels successfully relocated within the harbor. We anticipate the first phase will take approximately 4 months to complete. The eastern half of B-Dock in the west basin is designated for phase 2 of the project. We plan to issue relocation notifications to all tenants with assigned slips in this area in mid-August 2022 with the goal to have all boats cleared from the dock by October 15, 2022. Vessel seaworthy inspections are performed at time of vessel relocations. It is a requirement of the Slip License Agreement that vessels be maintained and in seaworthy condition. Bellingham Marine is actively occupying the project staging area located within a section at Embarcadero at Dana Point. Supplies and materials will arrive to the staging zone with truckloads containing docks, piles and construction equipment expected to arrive multiple times throughout each week for the duration of the project. Bellingham Marine’s landside crane arrived onsite and is currently in the staging area ready to do the heavy lifting of docks, piles and other materials necessary to the project. Casting of the docks specific to phase 1 is complete. The docks are sitting in Dixon, CA waiting to be shipped to Dana Point. Tom Spragg is the Project Manager for Bellingham Marine. I asked Tom what sets this dock system apart from the existing system and any other in the world. This is what he said: “The docks are 6-sided monolithically poured concrete with a polystyrene core. The docks are a vast improvement to the docks currently installed as the modular docks have a much better buoyancy which improves the stability in a way that you feel like you are walking on a fixed dock.” I asked Tom specifically about the materials used for the piles and dock build and he had this to say: “The docks were site specifically designed and engineered for longevity and low maintenance. They will be held together with FRP walers and FRP thru rods. No treated timber will be used on the project, all reinforcement is FRP so that no ferrous materials are used on the docks. The marina will be anchored on brand new steel piles which are sleeved with HDPE pipes for corrosion protection. ” Needless to say, these new docks are going to sitting in Dixon, CA where they were cast: be state of the art. Above is a picture of the actual docks

What to Expect During Construction Demolition of the existing dock background. Pretty cool and piles is the first stage of the project. This will happen quickly area clear within 46 weeks. Once demolition is complete, pile driving will with the commence. You may recall a recent pile project in the West Basin where Bellingham was onsite with seven piles over the course of a week. Pile driving generates less driving equipment and drove a repetitive pounding sound. Noise levels will be monitored, you may find the consistency of the noise to be disruptive time, it settles into background noise. The good news is that pile driving occurs only a few days during each phase. Once the head walks are towed to the site , piles will be driven and then the fingers will be installed. various conduit including water and electricity are brought from. Finally, the landside and run through the docks to each slip location. Lastly, power pedestals are installed. Dock construction will primarily take place Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM approval to work on Saturdays, we do not anticipate engaging in construction on the weekend. It’s very cool and exciting that we all have an opportunity to witness this massive project up close and personal…it will forever be a huge headline in the story of the history of Dana Point Harbor. Slip Selection  With the project about to start, we are eager to get into the slip selection process. We plan to begin sending slip selection notifications early to mid-August with the categories available in phase 1. As previously shared, the slip selection order will be determined by seniority date in the specific size slip. When it is your turn, you will be given a window of time to make your slip selection. We are finalizing our layouts to include slip numbers to facilitate slip selection. We will be sending the layouts by basin by the middle of August. We will also have paper copies available in the marina office if you prefer. You will want to take a close look at the layout and determine where you want to be. We will be contacting each tenant based on their priority number in the specific slip size category. Slip selection notifications will be sent with a very specific deadline. If you miss the deadline, we will assume that you are deferring your selection to a future phase. Of course, you are welcome to share your top selections in advance and we will keep them on record and refer to them when it is your turn.  You will be relocated to your new slip once it has been built and cleared for occupancy. Away we go! August 5th is right around the corner and marks the groundbreaking date for the commencement of the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization project! We are excited to get started and appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Celebrate this momentous occasion in style with The Marina at Dana Point’s limited edition annual summer t-shirt. Our 2022 design celebrates the beginning of the harbor revitalization project as we “Start New in 2022”! Bold colors encompass a fun design highlighting the project’s first phase as we “Envision Amazing”! Our team is onsite and available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have throughout the course of the project. Please do not hesitate to call the office anytime…(949) 496-6137 or send an EMAIL if you prefer. Happy Boating, Kelly Rinderknecht