Doheny Village’s new art sculpture located at the end of the cul-de-sac on Las Vegas was recently revealed. Doheny Village shark sculpture commemorates industrial Doheny Village history.

Jerry Lansky and Chris Caldwell, both local steel fabricators, had a vision and collaborated together to design this industrial art piece. The entire project was constructed from scrap metal with help from the whole Dana Point community.

The “wings” portion of the sculpture came from a project with Jon L. Construction. Rich Holt of Greenstone Materials donated the boulders around the sculpture and Brian Provence of BP Tractor Service delivered the boulders to the site. Eric Gibbs, a local structural engineer, designed the foundation for the art piece and helped with the installation. Warren Dean and W. Gallery donated the tractor gears that are affixed to the sculpture. Todd Poole of Fast Trax dug the foundation. Ry Monson with Imperial Concrete made the steel cage and poured the concrete. Doheny Builders Supply and Gary Bale Concrete furnished the concrete and Capistrano Crane lifted this art piece into place. The City’s Public Works Department and Parks Division assisted with the removal of weeds and installed landscaping surrounding the sculpture. 

This exciting art piece was an unbelievable team effort and an amazing contribution to the beautification of Doheny Village. Thank you to all of the Dana Point community members for your hard work and generosity.