Truly Pizza is expected to open in early 2023 at 24402 Del Prado in the historic Lantern District of Dana Point.

In 1980, third-generation Pizzaiolo, John Arena left New York to introduce his family pizza traditions to Las Vegas. Upon arrival, John met Donna Baldwin and gave her one of her first jobs in the hospitality industry. The two become lifelong friends. Donna went on to build a successful career in the Hotel/Casino industry.  Over the years, they would joke about reuniting to build their ideal pizzeria in Southern California. Their dream was to create an intimate casual dining experience in an idyllic setting.  Fast forward to today and what was once a dream is becoming a reality. With the addition of John’s World Pizza Champion collaborator and teammate Chris Decker and Dana Point Real Estate developer Steve Muller, the four friends have come together with a single aspiration: to create a local gathering place providing uncompromising food in a beautiful and welcoming environment. Guests will relax and enjoy the artistry of California-focused ingredients combined with a lifetime of dedication to the craft of pizza making. Located in the heart of Dana Point.

If you or someone you know is interested, please apply through